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Now is the time to finely tune your health practices at Versus in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Now is the time to finely tune your health practices at Versus in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Written by Melissa Armstrong | 15th March 2020

We here at VERSUS are on the front foot with precautions around the risk minimization / spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore we are well placed to not only help you risk minimise, but by nature, our business is primed to help you maximise your immune potential and all the tools are here, ready and waiting for you to use them.

*Group and Personal Training


*Osteopathy and Massage

And arguably the BIG GUNS in here at Versus are our Sauna and Cold Tub.

Please be pro-active with your training rescheme and general health practice. We all know what we should do to take good care of ourselves Eg. Regular exercise, Healthy balanced diet, plenty of good quality sleep, stay hydrated, but NOW is the time to finely tune what we know and lock it in as gospel. The good news for you is that you are in the fortunate position to be able to out-source the finer details around those topics listed above.

At Versus, we take our work very seriously, so we can pass on content that is most current and backed by scientific research. Eg. Exercise. As an example, we will be placing more emphasis on body weight and strength training over the coming weeks, over cardio and we look forward to educating you around the science behind that approach.

We take our health and the health of our clients very seriously and as such have always made it known that if any member is unwell, we advise they avoid attending our facility. This is particularly relevant given the current global health epidemic. We ask that if you or any of your immediate / regular contacts are unwell (even mild symptoms), we’d appreciate your non-attendance.

We offer skype based Nauropathy and Personal Training consultations as an alternative.

NOTE; This is not the time to stop exercising. It is imperative that you prioritise and maintain your health practices more than ever. Please don’t use this as an excuse to lose what you have worked so hard to gain.

Here is our plan.


*Groups of no more than 8 people – Therefore offering plenty of space and minamising contact with one another. Bookings absolutely ESSENTIAL for this reason.

*No shared equipment. You will be given your own equipment for each session and not interchange during your class.

*Sessions will run for 50 minutes, which will allow time for sanitization between sessions.

*1 x large towel per person required to attend. We will not be offering loan towels, so don’t forget to pack your own, along with your drink bottle.

*The gym has been stripped right back to the bare bones. Anything that is difficult to keep clean in any way, has been removed and won’t be re-introduced to the gym space until this period passes.

*As per usual, we suggest you wash your hands both before and after each session with soap (for at least 20 seconds) and have soap in the bathroom and some sanitizer on offer, but would appreciate you brining your own also, given the difficulty in sourcing it at the moment.

*Minor modifications to our training program will take place, such as Wim Hof Breathwork at the start of each training session (It only takes a couple of minutes). This method is scientifically proven to boost your immunity in order best deal with the current global health risks.

*We have increased our commercial cleaning and the entire facility had an additional ‘sanitization’ this weekend. There will be time set aside between each session to clean the equipment used as well as full studio cleans on our session free days Eg. Each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday as well as commercial cleans.

*We highly recommend you utelise our cold tub and sauna facility during this period. NB. Our sauna is a HOT traditional DRY sauna. It sits between 80 and 100 degrees. The health benefits are many and varied, but in essence, it will help keep your immune system charging and help you reduce stress (And therefore again, decrease likelihood of illness) during this stressful period. If you are new to these practices and considering adding them to your routine, please let us know and we will forward you some brilliant research articles outlining the key benefits and explaining the basic mechanisms.

*All sauna users are to take two towels inside with them. One to sit on and another to use to prevent sweat dripping elsewhere.

*We will be running the sauna for an additional hour after sauna sessions cease to kill any residual bacteria and the floor will be mopped after each sauna session.

Again, do not use the sauna if you are in any way unwell, but particularly if you have a fever. Sauna use is appropriate for ages 2+ (with adult supervision), but our minimum age is 5, with parental consent. The largest known associated risk with sauna use is burns, so each child must be accompanied by an adult and seated away from the wall mounted heater.

*We insist that all cold tub and sauna users now use soap if contrast bathing Eg. Moving between the hot and cold elements.

*The cold Tub water will be replaced weekly and PH / Chlorine levels checked daily.

Last of all, we are so very grateful for your support during this period of adjustment. We are a small business – You know us personally. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out directly.

Melissa and the team at Versus



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