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Versus | Treatment
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Hot vs Cold

At Versus we treat you the person by finding the source of your pain & dysfunction. Whether it be the simple daily activities of life, to the high level athlete at their peak, we can help to get you feeling and moving better and pain free.

You come with pain and restriction. We will talk to you, ask you about it, look at & assess you, find your problem, tell you all about it as we formulate a plan to treat & fix it to allow your body to begin healing & recovering.

Function & mobility versus pain & dysfunction;
bind versus ease; pain versus relief.

What we treat

Versus Treatment provides excellence in Osteopathy, Massage Therapy & Naturopathy.



Osteopathy is a hands on approach that aims to restore your body’s natural form & function to ease you of pain and discomfort. We use direct techniques to release & manipulate your joints, muscles and other tissues to get you back to feeling and moving better. The result is healthier & happier you!

Function & Mobility versus pain & dysfunction
Bind versus ease
Pain versus relief


Initial consultation (45 mins)
Standard consultation (30 mins)
Intern consultation (2019 graduate)


Exercise & Injury Rehabilitation

Exercise & Injury Rehabilitation

Exercise & Injury Rehabilitation provides the bridge between the treatment room & training centre. Our Injury & Rehab Specialist will assess your mobility, stability, & functional strength before designing a progressive pathway to return you to optimal function & strength.

Our Rehab plans focus on 4 key stages of optimal function to get you back to performing at your best, be it for life, training, or sport specific goals. Our Osteopath & Rehab Specialist is your link to your best performing self.

The 4 progressive stages of your Rehab Plan are;

1. Mobility/function
Movement Patterns
Strength & loading

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy includes soft & firm tissue release, ART, cupping and dry needling. Muscles & tissues need to be worked to ensure optimal function & performance.



Naturopathy integrates the latest scientific research with time honoured concepts. It is a Naturopath's aim to identify and address the underlying causes of disease, thereby stimulating the body's own innate ability to regenerate and promote optimal health. Like what you're trying to achieve at Versus, we also try to highlight the good vs. the bad and help our clients live a healthy balanced life.

Many therapies are utilised such as:

• Herbal medicine
• Nutritional medicine
• Western herbal medicine
• Homeopathy and flower essences
• Dietary programs
• Lifestyle interventions


Initial Consultation (1.5 hrs)
Naturopathic Testing Appointment (30 mins)
Follow up Consultation (30 mins)
Health Optimisation Consultation (50 mins)



Group Training | Personal Training Learn More


Ice bath | Sauna Learn More

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Versus is the culmination of our founder’s passions for improved function & performance in strength & conditioning, health optimisation & longevity. We welcome you to come along, join in & share in our community.

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We’re excited to be working with you on your new health journey. Call us, email us, or drop us a line using the enquiry form below, and one of our friendly team members will be back in touch as soon as possible.